Furnishing Your Master Bedroom? 2 Ways To Get Started


When choosing furniture for your master bedroom, you have nearly unlimited choices in design, style, individual pieces, colors, and sizes. How can you decide what to put in your particular space? Here are two approaches you might take depending on how you use the room. 

Option A: Start With the Bed

The most common way to approach master bedroom furnishing is to begin with the largest single item in the room: the bed. This makes sense because the bed is generally the most important feature in the space. Therefore, you may want to give it the most attention and care. By starting with this piece, you can focus on finding a bed that is comfortable and promotes sleep.

And as the biggest element of décor, bed choice also provides a motif, color, and style for all the other matching pieces and decorative additions. If you're not sure exactly what you want in the room, choosing the right bed is a way to simplify the process. You now know what space you have left over, how many other furnishings you can include, and what the theme and style of the room will be. 

Option B: Start With the Auxiliary Needs

Does your master bedroom need to pull double duty and perform as more than just a place to sleep and get dressed? Then you might start by choosing some of these other pieces of necessary furniture to ensure they work properly in the room. 

For instance, if your bedroom must also now serve as a work-from-home base of operations, getting this element right is important for comfort and productivity. That may make a large desk by the window a priority, perhaps even more so than a large canopy bed or full dresser set. Similarly, some master bedrooms also hold fitness equipment, baby cribs and gear, or a large dressing area. 

Basing your interior design on the secondary use of the bedroom is particularly important if the space isn't very large and may not fit everything perfectly. Or, if it's overly spacious and may have an odd layout if the extra furnishings don't fit the room size properly. 

Where to Learn More

Get help planning your master bedroom by touring the inventory at a furniture store in your area. With a large selection of both traditional bedroom furnishings and nontraditional bedroom needs, they can help you find your foundation items and build from there. Stop by a furniture store today to get started. 


19 March 2021

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