Bring A Little Luxury To Your Kid's Room


Make your kid's room into one of the spaces you are proudest of in the home. Don't let design slip because of toys and clutter; create a sophisticated storage system and bring a luxurious feel to the entire room.

Some tips for bringing a little luxury to your kids' bedroom include these:

High-End Furnishings

You can make any room of the home seem luxurious when you use quality crafted furnishings, but if your budget does not allow higher-end items, seek out one or two pieces that you can use as accents to exude a sense of luxury — without the price tag. For instance, invest in a gorgeous, handcrafted headboard for your child's bed or a one-of-a-kind, hand-painted chest of drawers. Check out secondhand venues for gently used furniture items, often at alluring price points.

Quality Textiles and Textures

When you use quality fabrics and textiles, like for bedding or window treatments, you can create a luxurious atmosphere. Consider soft and sumptuous bedding, including Egyptian cotton sheets and organic rattan window shades. Rich velvet fabric, for example, may seem like an unlikely choice for a kid's room, but consider how durable, resilient, and stain-resistant it is before you dismiss the idea; it is amazingly easy to clean, too.

Eco-Friendly Décor Ideas

Use green decor ideas and implement natural, organic accent pieces from recycled materials or things you might find outside. String garlands of acorns or pinecones to drape around windows; spray-paint a broken tree limb or branch and adorn with a strand of LED fairy lights for an easy and cheap light feature. Remember to keep accents and décor at a minimum to allow for optimal space to play and engage in activities.

Sophisticated Storage Solutions

When thinking about kid's room ideas, consider how you will store their toys, apparel, and belongings. Some sophisticated storage solutions that will keep clutter out of sight include the following:

  • Invest in stylish storage furniture, like ottomans with storage compartments or a bench at the foot of the bed.
  • Trundle beds provide storage underneath, and Murphy beds create more floorspace or playroom, as needed.
  • Floating shelves add storage to smaller rooms or spaces, while also providing some incentive to stay organized.
  • Install shelved partitions to separate areas of the room, while also providing ample storage on the shelves for books, toys, or other items.

Use these tips to bring a taste of luxury to your kid's room or other space where your children gather. Consider buying quality furniture, fabrics, and accents to outfit the room, while also creating clever and sophisticated storage solutions to stow all their stuff. Visit furniture retailers and sites for more inspiration or for more information about luxury furniture.


8 February 2021

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