Getting Ready To Grab Some Movie Props?


Collecting movie props can be a fun hobby, but it's not as simple as just finding a prop and placing it in your living room. Props vary in usefulness and maintenance level, and you need to know what you're getting when you purchase one. Learning ahead of time about the specific prop you're looking for and what you'd need to do to keep it is essential. Vintage props can be especially tricky due to their age.

Be Aware of Sturdiness, or Lack Thereof

Some props are meant to be used, like a chair that a character in a movie sits on. These props should be sturdy and reusable, if you're looking for props for another set. Other props are lightweight versions that aren't meant to see a lot of action, and if your intended use involves placing weight on the item or putting it through other stress, then you need to find something sturdier. Even if all you want to do is use the prop in your home, you need to be sure what you get is not going to collapse or break. Researching the prop and making sure you're buying something that will hold up is crucial.

Replicas and Extras Could Be More Affordable

For the die-hard collector or fan, an authentic prop that was actually used onscreen by a favorite actor is a real score — but also likely an expensive one. If all you want is a reminder of the movie, consider a replica or even an extra version, as in an item used by an extra in the movie and not by the stars. These are going to be much, much cheaper in general than the actual props used by the main actors. Of course, if you really want that real prop, a replica won't do, but you'll need to start saving now if you haven't already. Authentic props that played major roles in films can sell for more than cars or real estate.

Care Plans

You'll need to know how to care for the prop. A wood table might not need special treatment past what wood tables normally require. But a mask or prop made from fragile materials will need specific care and storage conditions to prevent it from deteriorating. Special effects props, especially from makeup departments, can dry out and crack; clothing can fade and fray. Research care ahead of time for the specific materials involved.

Vintage movie props are cool conversation pieces that bring back a ton of memories. Careful research before purchasing makes it more likely that you'll be able to enjoy those props for years to come. Contact a company that offers vintage movie props for sale to learn more.


22 January 2021

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