Murphy Beds Can Be Great For Many Reasons


A Murphy bed is a bed that can be folded up to fit inside of an upright cabinet or into a portion of a wall. This type of bed is also commonly called a pull-down bed or a wall bed. They come in different mattress sizes and offer people a lot of great advantages. Queen-size Murphy beds are very popular because they are a good size to fold up while still offering a comfortable size for one or two people to sleep on. You can learn a lot more about Murphy beds below. 

Some Murphy beds fold into cabinets

In many cases, Murphy beds are designed to fold up so they go into cabinets that will be secured to a wall. The cabinet is just another piece of furniture, and it can be put anywhere you choose. You want to make sure you put the cabinet in a location where the bed can lowered without hitting anything. You will also want plenty of room around the Murphy bed, enough for someone to walk on at least two sides of the bed. 

Some Murphy beds fold into walls

A Murphy bed can be folded into a wall instead of a cabinet, where it will be both out of sight and completely out of the way. The way in which the bed is concealed can vary, and you can then leave your home looking the way you want. A portion of the wall can slide to the side to reveal the bed, accordion-style doors can fold out of the way, or the wall can fold down with the bed. 

Murphy beds can transform any room into a guest room

One of the advantages of a Murphy bed is that you can have it kept in a spare room in your home that you normally use for something else, such as for crafting or as a home office. However, if you have an overnight guest coming, then you can pull the bed down, and within minutes you will have a nice guest room to offer them for the duration of their visit to your home. This can be especially helpful if you have a very small house and would otherwise have a hard time hosting people in your home overnight.

For more information about Murphy beds, contact a local seller, like Flying Beds International. They can advise you about mattress sizes and bed concealment.


10 December 2020

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