4 Space Challenges A Murphy Bed Can Fix In Your Home


Do you have space issues in your home that limit its function or comfort? If so, one simple addition could help solve a number of problems. What is this addition? A Murphy bed. This ingenious bed style that folds up vertically to clear the floor space when not in use could be a lifesaver if your home is in any of these common conundrums. 

1. Your Bedrooms Are Small

Many older homes — and even some new ones — have cramped bedrooms that try to do too much inside a small square footage. Small bedrooms make it hard for siblings to share, to find room for kids to play, and for a couple to enjoy a master suite. Because Murphy beds lift up vertically, they make the most of the floor space in any bedroom during the waking hours. 

2. There Is No Guest Room

Where do guests sleep when they visit? If you are one of the many who have no spare room to put them in, you may have to resort to giving up your own bed, putting people on the couch, or just not having overnight guests. One easy solution is to install a Murphy bed in any room in the home. It could turn the living room into the guest room, for instance, while posing as a useful bookshelf the rest of the time. 

3. You Need a Home Office

What if you have that extra room but you also need a home office? More and more people are working from home these days, but they may not have the extra space to do so. Murphy beds free up room for other uses. If you switch out the guest bed or even a master bed with a Murphy style, you can use the same space as a home office during the day and still get use of it at night. 

4. Your Kids Have Big Sleepovers

Accommodating your kids' eager friends means having room for a sudden influx of children — often in pairs, trios, or even larger groups. Parents can be prepared by keeping a handy Murphy bed (or two) around to help take the overflow of group sleepovers. You could put one in your kids' room or even in the family room, keeping it out of the way but at the ready. 

Do you face any of these common home challenges? If so, a Murphy bed could be an inexpensive and simple way to make everything in your home work better. Learn more about Murphy beds at a dealer today. 


10 December 2020

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