Need A New Desk? 3 Signs You've Found "The One"


Whether you work as a small-time employee or you own an entire company, you may be more interested in what desk you sit behind than the average office worker. Since desks can say a lot about you and impact comfort and functionality, it's important to find the right one. Here are three signs you've found the perfect desk.  

1. It Falls In Line with the Job You Want 

While many people think about the job they have now when they look for office furniture, it's also important to think about the job you want to have. Think carefully about how your career is going, and if things seem to be going well, invest in a piece of office furniture that falls more in line with your goals than the status quo.

For instance, while you may be an associate at a law firm now, being made partner could make it so you can move into a larger office, meet with more affluent clients, and work with other professionals you may need to impress. Choosing a high-end desk could help you to make a better impression. 

2. There Is Plenty of Space 

Whenever you consider a new desk, make sure it has more than enough room for everything you need. From drawer and cabinet space to the amount of room you have on the surface of the desk, it pays to look for a desk that gives you room to breathe. 

Think about everything your desk stores now, and what you have on the tabletop of your desk. If you need more space, choose a desk with larger dimensions than what you currently have. 

3. It's Made Well 

Before you invest in any furniture piece, check to see how it is made. Check the drawers, look at the backside of desk panels, and pay attention to closure hardware. Look for a desk that is made with great woodworking methods, such as tongue-in-groove or dovetail joinery. Avoid furniture pieces made from particleboard, which isn't as strong as solid wood pieces. 

When you find the right desk, make sure you understand how to care for the furniture appropriately and what you will need to do to get it to your office. Many furniture stores offer delivery, but if you find that desk at a secondhand store or a vintage consignment place, you may be on your own to get it where you need it to go. Consider asking family or friends to help, or simply hiring a moving company. 

When looking for the perfect desk for your new office, take into account the advice listed above before heading to your local office furniture store.


19 November 2020

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