Everything You Need To Know Before Buying An Outdoor Grill


There may be nothing more American than an apple pie, but a burger cooked on an outdoor barbecue is a close second. Weekend barbecuing is as American as they come but there are plenty of questions to ask yourself before buying an outdoor BBQ.  

What size outdoor grill do you need?

Outdoor grills come in a variety of shapes and sizes. Knowing how big of a grill to purchase can be tricky. The San Francisco Gate, however, has a trick to help solve this dilemma. They suggest 100 square inches for each person that you are cooking for. So, for a family of three, you can get away with only 300 square inches of cooking surface. If you regularly entertain large crowds of 12, you will need well over 1,000 square inches of cooking surface. 

What type of fuel can you use with an outdoor BBQ?

Outdoor grills use a range of different fuel sources. Natural gas, propane, charcoal briquettes, wood, and even electricity can all be used to grill your food. Deciding which one to use is personal. You may like the convenience of having an outdoor grill permanently hooked up to your home's natural gas, eliminating the risk of running out of fuel at an inopportune moment or, like many hard-core grillmasters, you may simply prefer the taste of charcoal-grilled meat to that of propane. 

Can you use a regular grill as a built-in grill?

Yes, a free-standing outdoor grill can be used in lieu of a built-in grill in your outdoor kitchen. You can have a surround built for your outdoor grill and drop it into place or you can slide your existing grill into a predetermined space. This works especially well for models that have wheels and increased mobility. 

Do you need to season an outdoor grill?

You should season a new grill before you use it for the first time. This involves coating the grill with oil and allowing it to burn off. Seasoning a new grill like this will act as a barrier against rust and will create a surface that meat is less likely to stick to. Check your manufacturer's instructions on how to season your exact grill. 

How do you clean an outdoor barbecue?

If your outdoor grill needs to be cleaned before use, you can clean it as you pre-heat the cooking surface. You can pour water, vinegar, or even beer on the grates and close the lid. The liquid will turn to steam and loosen the cooked-on food from your last barbecue session. Simply scrape off the loose material with a brush. 

Does it come with wheels?

While wheels may not sound like an important feature to those in mild climates, grillers that live in colder climates like the ability to wheel a heavy grill in and out of the garage during the winter months. Grilling on a deck while exposed to the elements is no fun when the temperatures dip below zero. 

Once you know what you need in an outdoor BBQ, you can make an educated decision on which grill to buy. Reach out to an outdoor grill supplier for more information.


27 October 2020

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