How To Upgrade Your Bedroom Furniture Without Breaking The Bank


If you have a house full of people, your bedroom is likely the only truly personal space you have, so you definitely want your personality and style to shine through! If you want to give your bedroom a whole new look, the bedroom furniture is a great place to start, as that will set the tone for the entire room. However, bedroom furniture sets can be expensive. If brand-new furniture isn't in your budget right now, don't despair. There are ways to upgrade without maxing out your credit cards. 

Work With What You Have

Sometimes you don't have to get new furniture at all if you can spruce up what you already have. A fresh coat of paint can make an old, drab piece seem totally new again. You can paint darker furniture white and brighten up your whole space. Or, if you already have white walls, paint the furniture darker for some contrast. You can take time to really polish up your furniture and make it shine. You can also consider refinishing your furniture pieces or re-staining the wood, giving it a shiny, newer look or even going for a weathered, rustic look. Play with your style!

Know When to Buy

However, if DIY projects aren't your thing or the pieces are in really bad shape and must be replaced, you might be able to afford new furniture if you shop smart. The best times to buy furniture are usually going to be at the end of winter and the end of summer when stores want to clear out old inventory before the new styles come in. So, keep an eye out for big sales around President's Day and Labor Day. The end of the year may be a good time to shop as well if they want to get in those final sales before the ball drops. You also might want to look for any stores going out of business that have "everything must go" signs in their windows, because you can find some awesome deals that way. Just remember to not let yourself be pressured by salespeople as you shop. There will always be another sale in the future—be prepared to walk away if you can't stick to your budget. 

Buy Secondhand

If you can't spruce up what you have, but also cannot afford anything new even with the sales, don't forget all your secondhand options. You can sometimes find a diamond in the rough at a thrift store, but now there are tons of online marketplaces to check as well. People who are buying new bedroom sets may be desperate to get rid of the furniture they already have and be willing to let it go for a cheaper price. Don't be afraid to offer a lower price than what they're asking. After all, the worst they can say is no. Also, don't forget about yard sales, antique shops and fairs, and businesses that sell fixed-up furniture. It might take some patience, but you can find some gems. 

With these tips, you should be able to make your bedroom feel new again—without overspending! 


23 September 2020

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