What to Consider When Shopping for a Bedside Table


A bedside table, or nightstand, is often underrated, but it is an incredibly important piece of furniture for sale for your bedroom. From storage to convenience, this piece of furniture helps keep your bedroom more organized and can make the time spent in your bedroom more relaxing and comfortable. Make sure you know what to look for when searching for this underrated yet important piece of furniture.


If you already have a bed at home or have an idea which one you plan to purchase, grab some measuring tape and measure the height of the bed. The dimensions are important because you want to ensure the height of the bedside table is comparable to the height of your bed. You do not want a bedside table that is too short for your bed. Not only will this scenario make it harder for you to reach you the table when you are in bed, but it will also look odd. As a good rule of measure, the top of the bedside table should be level with the top of your mattress. 

Durable Surface

It is also a good idea to pay attention to the surface of the bedside table. You want to ensure the surface is durable for the manner in which you use the table. If you do not think about this element, you are more likely to end up with damage to the furniture piece. For example, do you enjoy an ice cold glass of water at bedtime? If so, do not choose a table with a wood surface, or any other material that is prone to watermarks as staining is likely, even if you use a coaster. It would make more sense to choose a table with a glass top or other material that is more durable for this type of use.

Convenience Features

Make sure the bedside table has the convenience features you need. For example, if you are someone who likes to stay connected, look for a furniture piece with built-in plugs. There are newer selections that offer both wall plugs and USB accessibility so that you can charge your devices without all the clutter of a bunch of cords. You can also look for a piece that has drawer compartments. These units have dividers that create sections within each drawer to keep the items you put inside organized. These are just a couple of the options available, make sure you do your research to find what you need.

Keep these factors in mind to ensure you find a bedside table that is stylish, but most importantly, functional. 


2 June 2020

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