What To Look For In High-End Wood Furniture


When you buy furniture hopefully you're looking for quality. You want to invest in worthy furniture. A high-end material is wood, which is prized for its natural beauty. So, you may consider furnishing your home with high-end wooden pieces. Find out what to look for in those furnishings.

Hard Wood

When you've invested in a quality piece of furniture, you obviously want it to last. So, you probably want a hard wood. As Forbes points out, though, the term "hardwood" doesn't refer to wood density but rather to the fact that it comes from a deciduous tree. So instead, look for a species such as hickory that you know is hard.

Solid Wood

When craftsmen use a solid piece of wood, the result is a durable, sturdy item of furniture. For these furnishings, the woodworkers construct parts of the furniture from a single piece of wood. They may have to glue the boards together to make wider panels because of the width limitations of trees. However, the solidity of the wood imparts strength.

Wood Joints

Craftsmen don't put quality wood furniture together with visible nails and glue. Rather, they use the craft of joinery, which is a woodworking technique to make corners. One of the strongest joints is the dovetail joint which features interconnecting tabs at the corner. Joinery takes a lot of skill and patience, which is why the practice is valued in quality woodworking.

Consistent Finish

Woodworkers have to sand the panels until they're as smooth as possible before adding a stain and a sealant to finish the wood. When you're looking at an item of furniture, the finish should be smooth, which indicates a completed sanding job. The color and shine should also be consistent across the surface with no dark lines or scratches in the finish.

Functional Drawers and Doors

Most likely the drawers and doors of any level of wood furniture are going to work to some degree. However, when you open a drawer on a quality item of furniture, you want it to function smoothly. It should also pull all the way out without falling out of its cubby. Doors should remain in the open position unless you're looking at the self-closing variety.

Solid Construction

Overall, you should be able to visually inspect the item of wood furniture and see signs of quality. For example, it should feel solid if your pick it up or move it. If it's a chair, you should be able to sit down and feel like the chair won't move. Look also for little indicators of quality, such as smooth finishes in unseen areas.

Look for the above signs when choosing quality items of wood furniture. For more information, contact companies like Mathews Furniture + Design.


13 February 2020

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