How to Set Up a Home Office


Setting up a home office can have many great benefits. If you regularly work from your house, a home office allows you to claim part of your rent, utilities, and internet service as a business expense, which can increase your tax deduction. A home office can also make it easier for you to focus on your work, which will make you more productive in addition to allowing you to draw firm boundaries between your work and home life. Here are four tips that will help you set up the ideal home office:

1. Use whatever space you have available.

Having an entire room to use as a home office is ideal, but you can still have a home office even if you don't have a spare bedroom. Use whatever space you have available and get creative if you have to. An underutilized walk-in closet is a perfect size to hold a desk and comfortable chair. If you don't have a free closet available for the purpose, you can set aside an area in a quiet room to be used as an office.

2. Invest in a good chair.

People who work at a computer spend a lot of time at their desks. In a regular office, your company would likely provide your chair and other necessary furniture. In your home office, you'll have to purchase your own furniture. Invest in a good office chair with adequate spinal support. A supportive chair will help you maintain proper posture, which can alleviate and prevent back pain. If more than one person will be using the chair, invest in a model that can be raised or lowered with a lever.

3. Hang motivational material.

The right motivation will allow you to maintain your work ethic. It can be hard to feel motivated when you're working at home surrounded by distractions, but motivational posters and prints can help. Shop around to find motivational designs that suit your aesthetic tastes. Consider the words themselves when making your purchase. You want to decorate with motivational quotes that speak to you since you'll be more likely to take them to heart if they resonate with your experience.

4. Use your space wisely.

Home offices are often small, so purchase an office desk that allows you to make smart use of your space. If you're working in a corner of another room, purchase an L-shaped desk that fits neatly into the corner. Buying a desk with built-in storage in the form of shelves and drawers can keep your space neat and eliminate the need for freestanding shelves. If you need help designing a small home office, contact home office furniture stores. 


11 February 2020

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