Tips To Help You Set Up Your Workstation Office Space


Whether you work from home or at a professional office, your office space needs to provide you with a place which you can focus on your jobs and get the work done properly. As you take time to complete your workspace planning, don't forget to account for your comfort, concentration, convenience, and physical and mental health. Here are some important details that can help you as you plan and arrange your office space.

Select Sufficient Filing Organization

Keeping track of your office paperwork can be an ongoing task, and you want to make sure you have a good system set up to help you keep and organize your paperwork. Organization is essential, and as you work each day there can be a variety of documents you will need to file, keep separated, and locate later at a future point in time.

As a start, you can use a portable filing container with slots for you to hang a set of file folders, which you can label and fill with each category for your documentation. This type of storage is easy to keep on your desk, in a closet, or take with you in your vehicle.

If you need a bit more space than a portable tote can give you, look at a filing cabinet that is stationary or on wheels. Your filing cabinet can be small with one or two drawers or larger to accommodate a number of drawers. If space in your office is a factor, make sure you choose a filing cabinet that fits under your desk or one that sits upon the floor and can double as a seating area.

Choose an Ergonomic Workstation

Next to your filing system, your office furniture is just as essential. When you consider the amount of time you spend at your workstation, it is very important to find and choose pieces that are going to benefit your physical health. For example, if your desk tabletop is positioned too high for your office chair, your arms and shoulders will be strained whenever you are working at your desk. Over time, this will lead to physical injuries and problems, such as carpal tunnel syndrome.

Look for a desk that has a keyboard and mouse platform which you can adjust vertically and laterally. Then, the chair you choose needs to be adjustable in its seat and back height and arm rests and be made of a durable and breathable material that resists stains. Your chair should have wheels that make it mobile for you to easily move around your workstation space.

Don't forget to add some live plants to your workstation. Live plants add oxygen to the air and can boost your mental health, creating a better work environment for you.

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10 February 2020

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