Features To Include In Your Custom Wood Wall Bed


If you live in a small apartment or are simply short on space, you may wish to have a wall bed custom-built for you. This style of bed is also called a Murphy bed. It folds up against the wall when you're not using it, and you can fold it down every evening when you want to go to bed. Wall beds can come with a whole array of features, especially if you have one custom made. Here are some features you'll likely want to include.

Soft-Close Hinges

You've probably experienced soft-close hinges before on kitchen cabinets and the like. You close the door most of the way, and then a spring-loaded hinge "catches" it and closes it the rest of the way, automatically. Soft-close hinges on a wall bed will also make your life a lot easier. You won't be trying to prevent the bed from crashing onto the floor. You can simply lower it most of the way, let it go, and then let it settle down the rest of the way on its own.

Padded Feet

Especially if you have a hard floor, you really want to choose a wood bed with soft, padded feet. They should have a rubber shoe or pad on the bottom. This keeps your floor from suffering damage when you repeatedly set the bed down. Even if you do have carpeting, you may want a bed with soft feet, as this will reduce the depressions created in your carpet.

A Built-in Side Table

One of the challenges with a wall bed is that you'll want to actually use the space the bed occupies when the bed is folded up. Having a side table or nightstand just sitting there when the bed is folded up can be awkward. So, look for a wood bed with a fold-out, built-in side table. The table will go up and down with the bed rather than being an obstruction.

Cubbies and Storage

You can find wall beds with some cubbies and nooks in them. This feature comes in really handy since it gives you some extra storage space, which is always at a premium when you're in a small apartment or room. You can use the nooks for things like books, off-season clothing, and medications.

Talk with custom wood wall bed designers to learn more about these and other features you can include. They'll probably have some additional suggestions.


10 February 2020

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