Selecting A Floor For A Powder Room


Powder rooms are small yet busy spaces. Typically labeled as the guest bathroom, this room gets a great deal of traffic. Consequently, flooring in a powder room should be both functional and stylish. 


Unless you happen to live in a custom home, chances are high that your powder room is a tad on the smaller side. While flooring can be a style statement, you also don't want the flooring to overpower the overall look and feel of the room. To avoid this problem, choose a modest flooring design. 

Flooring options with complex patterns are overbearing and will make the room feel even smaller than it is. Plus, depending on how intricate the pattern of the floor is, given the small space, it might not be possible to even see the full layout of the pattern, which won't look very attractive.


Bathrooms are one of the few rooms in a home where people only rarely wear their shoes. However, when it comes to a powder room, that's not always the case. As the closest bathroom to the front door and the bathroom that guests will use, ensure the floor selection is a durable one that can accommodate traffic from whatever might be on the bottom of people's shoes since each person is more likely to have them on. Hardwood is probably not a choice you want to make. 

Instead, you should look to flooring options like laminate and porcelain tile. Vinyl is another option that will be able to withstand the heavy foot traffic and increased risk of scuffs and rips due to the objects on the base of a shoe. However, make sure it's a higher-quality vinyl selection, such as luxury vinyl tile. A lower-quality option like sheet vinyl might not have the same characteristics. 

Water Protection

Sure, you don't have to worry about tracking water on the floor from an overfilled bathtub, but there is still a sink and toilet in a powder room, so you still need to ensure that the flooring has a certain level of water protection. The powder room is one area of your home where guests are sure to frequent, so you want to keep the room looking good, and water stains on the floor aren't in alignment with this goal.

Staples like porcelain tile and laminate are great options. However, ceramic tile, marble, and natural stone are also great options that have excellent water protection benefits. 

Remember, the two most important factors are space and function. So, it's important to keep these factors in mind as you search for flooring for this space. 

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7 February 2020

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