From Their Place Of Business To Yours: Upholstery Services Come To You


When you get a tear on the fabric on your favorite couch or the padding in your favorite chair shifts, you can do one of two things. Either you can have the upholstery repaired, or you can throw out the entire piece of furniture and buy a new one. The latter really is not ideal, considering that it takes a lot of time to come up with money to replace the damaged piece. However, the former option may not be so easy either, considering that taking a couch or a large chair to an upholstery and furniture repair shop is not exactly an easy thing to do, even when you do have help to move it. If you hunt around, you can find the perfect upholstery and repair shop that provides the following convenient services. 

The Upholstery Service Picks Up and Drops Off Your Furniture

Talk about convenience! Some upholstery shops know how hard it is to find a moving vehicle and pay to put the furniture on a truck and bring it to a shop and then pay again to bring the furniture home. Instead of having to go through all that trouble, these upholstery shops have their own pick-up and drop-off trucks and teams to help you move the damaged piece of furniture from your home onto their truck, and then they bring it back and put it right back where they found it when the repair work is complete. 

Small Repairs Allow for Home Visits

If the repair to be made is a small one and you do not mind having the upholstery person working in your home, some upholstery businesses will send one of their professional upholstery repairers to your home. The repairer will bring everything necessary to the job, including a bolt of cloth that is a near or exact match to the furniture you need repaired, upholstery needles and thread, and upholstery tools and fasteners.

After a few hours or less (depending on the repair), the repair is complete, and your furniture never had to leave the spot where it sits in your home. This type of service is typically reserved for small tears of two inches or less in most fabrics, leather, and faux leather, as well as the re-padding of plush furniture backs and arms. If you find a furniture repair business that offers this, clear your calendar for a day so that you are home for the repairer/restorer. 

To learn more, contact a company that offers upholstery services.


5 February 2020

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