Furnishing A Small Office On A Budget


Anytime you are moving into a new office, it is important that you have a plan on how to furnish it. Time is valuable, so you do not want to waste too much time browsing stores trying to find different furniture items or haggling with a variety of different vendors. A small office presents its own set of challenges. So, this guide is going to give you three invaluable tips that will help expedite the process of furnishing your office. 

Do Away With A Traditional Fax Machine

The first thing you should look into doing is to remove a traditional fax machine and instead use an online fax service. These are useful because they completely eliminate the need for a physical fax machine. You can find virtual fax services that can receive faxes from outside companies. This is important because you can't completely do away with a fax service. There are still many companies, as well as governmental agencies, that will only communicate using a fax machine. The price for a monthly subscription is a great value and will free up space in your office.

Make Use Of Shared Office Spaces 

Many modern offices have shared office space. This might be a kitchen, but it could also be a shared copy room or printing center. If your office is going to be located in a building that has these amenities, then you might be able to completely do away with something such as a computer printer. When you're dealing with a small office space, then every bit of saved space counts. However, it must be noted that many shared office spaces might charge you for using the utilities, so it is important that you always factor that into the equation. 

Embrace Pre-Owned Office Furniture 

Finally, you will need to purchase furniture for your office. This includes desks, chairs, and tables. That can all become very expensive, especially if you are looking to get high-quality office furniture. However, a really smart way to furnish your small office space with high-end furniture that is also inexpensive is to look into pre-owned office furniture. The advantage of choosing to buy used office furniture is that you can often find high-quality desks and chairs for a fraction of what they would retail for new. You can look online and search inventories for pre-owned office furniture and choose pieces that are within your budget and are also well suited for a small space. 


28 January 2020

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