Tips To Keep In Mind When Buying New Office Chairs


Is it time to replace your current office furniture? Maybe your small business never really had official "office" furniture in the first place, or maybe you just want to make things look more professional and elegant throughout your space. Whatever the reason, make sure you include your employees in the decision-making process when it comes time to select your new office chairs. These are the chairs that your employees will be sitting in for 8 hours a day or longer, day in and day out. Here's what to do to make their experience as comfortable as possible.

Get Chairs That Can Be Adjusted

Not every human being is alike, and therefore, neither should the office chairs that they are sitting upon be all the same. If you buy a basic chair that's identical for every employee, it might actually be a good fit for one or two people, but the rest of the office may end up hating it. A good office chair should be adjustable in multiple spots. Maybe one employee needs a higher backrest than another. Maybe another employee wants their armrest to be positioned further out or in. Maybe the overall height of the chair needs to be adjusted so every employee's feet can rest firmly on the floor while they are still in a supported position.

Get a Comfortable Material That Fits Your Office Style

Office chairs come in a wide variety of different materials. Leather is an obvious choice, but there might also be "pleather" options that aren't as expensive. Other material types could include everything from vinyl to mesh. While you might want to let each employee have some options, keep in mind that having 20 chairs that all look different from each other could kill the professional vibe of your office. You ideally will want to find an adjustable chair with a fabric type that everyone can be happy with while keeping a uniform and therefore professional look to the office.

Consider Wheels

Some office chairs can also have wheels added to the bottom either to make the chairs easy to move to another location or to allow employees to move from one desk to another without getting up. If you want to create a work environment where people are working together collaboratively, making it easy to move your chairs around so that employees can frequently talk to each other while working is a good idea.

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21 January 2020

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