Purchase Mahogany Pieces That Will Match Well With Your Sleigh Bed


If you own a mid-19th-century mahogany sleigh bed and appreciate the richness of the wood and the slight curvature of the frame, you may be disappointed in the rest of the furnishings that are in your bedroom because they do not fit into the same time period and clash with the bed frame. There are many vintage furnishings that are for sale, and knowing where to look for select pieces and being able to determine if the items are well-crafted will aid you in your journey.

Auctions, Used Furniture Stores, And Resale Shops

Auctions may consist of a collection of items that several sellers are offering or could focus on a particular estate sale for an individual who recently passed away. An auctioneer will provide a description of each furnishing, which will help you select mahogany pieces that possess a similar style to the bed. In addition, you will be able to walk around the grounds or showroom where the auction is being held, which will provide you with the opportunity to open desk or dresser drawers, feel the texture of wooden furnishings, or inspect the craftsmanship of a product.

A used furniture store or a resale shop that has vintage furniture for sale are two additional places where you may be able to pick up a bedroom ensemble that is from a specific time period. Ask about the manufacturer of each piece that strikes your fancy. If a furnishing was made by a well-known artisan or furniture manufacturer, you may be more inclined to buy an item. If a chest of drawers or a small table possesses a marked surface, barter with the merchant in an attempt to receive a discount on a furnishing.

A blemish can usually be buffed out and a coat of stain or varnish will restore a wooden piece to its former glory. If a gouge mark is rather deep and you are concerned that sanding the furniture will not correct the problem in entirety, consider where the mark is located. A deep mark that runs along the top of a dresser or table will not necessarily impede the beauty of the furnishing. You can drape a table runner across a furnishing or use a lamp with a large base to conceal a marked surface. 

Complementary Purchases

After you have your bedroom filled with mahogany pieces that are all from the same era, you may want to upgrade some of the accessories or decorations in your room. Purchase lamps, wall hangings, an ottoman, or collectibles that are from the same time period. After your bedroom is filled with items that are all from the 19th century, you will feel as if you have stepped back in time, whenever you enter the room. 


21 January 2020

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