Advantages Of A Dining Room Table With A Solid Base


When you shop for a new dining room table, it's important to assess not only how the top of the table looks, but also what sits beneath it. Dining room tables often have four legs positioned around the perimeter of the table, but this isn't the only design that you might encounter. Another design is a table that has a solid base below it. Often, the base will be shaped to reflect the shape of the table. For example, if the table is square or rectangular, it will typically have a square or rectangular base. If you notice a few tables with this design at your local furniture store, here are some advantages of taking one home.

Easier To Vacuum Around

When it comes to vacuuming in your dining room, the legs of your dining room table — compounded by all of the chairs around the table — can make this job time-consuming. Not only will you have to pull the chairs away from the table, but it can be a challenge to thoroughly vacuum around each of the table's legs because you'll have to maneuver the vacuum from various angles. When you choose a dining room table with a solid base, it's easy to simply push the vacuum along the edge of the base.

Fewer Conflicts With Children

If you have children, you might be all too aware of how they interact with one another while seated at the dining room table. If your kids sit across the table from each other, one child might occasionally kick or poke the other to get a reaction. This type of behavior, especially when it occurs frequently, can be a nuisance as you try to enjoy a meal together. A dining room table with a solid base effectively prevents your children from having any contact with one another below the table.

A Sturdy Appearance

A dining room table with a solid base isn't necessarily more sturdy than one with four legs, but it can certainly give that appearance. If you like the idea of heavy, solid-looking furniture throughout your home rather than furniture that appears light and potentially a little unstable, this type of table will almost certainly appeal to your design sense. When you pair the table with big dining room chairs that have a sturdy appearance, you may quickly realize that your dining room furniture is among your favorite furniture in the entire house.

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19 January 2020

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