Pros and Cons of Using a Memory Foam Mattress


If this is your first time shopping for a mattress in a while, you're going to notice something the moment you step inside a mattress store: memory foam mattresses are everywhere. They've displaced a lot of the coil spring mattress market and they seem to be here to stay. But while memory foam mattresses work well for many people, they are not a ubiquitous solution. Consider these pros and cons before deciding whether to bring home your own memory foam mattress.

Pro: Fewer Pressure Points

With a spring mattress, pressure points develop at certain points along your body during the night. This can lead to joint soreness and back pain for some people. Memory foam mattresses evenly support your weight, reducing the formation of these pressure points at night. This can help keep back pain and arthritis from worsening, and it's helpful for anyone who does physical labor and goes to bed sore in the evening.

Con: Heat Retention

Memory foam is not that great at dissipating heat because it is so dense. If you are someone who tends to get too warm at night, you may find a memory foam mattress uncomfortable. Some manufacturers have attempted to combat this problem by installing a layer of cooling gel on top of their memory foam, but make sure you read reviews if you decide to go this route. Some "cooling" memory foam mattresses work better than others. 

Pro: No Flipping

With a traditional spring mattress, you always need to think about flipping it to ensure even wear. Doing so can be tough since mattresses are heavy. Memory foam mattresses tend to be even heavier than traditional mattresses. Luckily, once you get the memory foam mattress in place, you don't have to move it to flip or rotate it. The mattress will not sag or bow with use like a spring mattress.

Con: Higher Prices

Good-quality memory foam mattresses are not cheap. There are becoming more affordable as new brands enter the market, but you should still consider this mattress an investment. If you are on a tight budget, a memory foam mattress may not be for you right now.

With these pros and cons in mind, visit a mattress store to see some memory foam mattresses for yourself. Make sure you lay on them and assess the feel; that's the most important step. Compare several mattresses before you settle on one. 


17 January 2020

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