Rearranging Your Office? 3 Things To Keep In Mind


Your office is the space where your employees can work together to accomplish great things, keeping your business afloat. However, if your office is disorganized, cluttered, or even unattractive, it could negatively affect the entire space. Here are three things everyone should remember as they rearrange their office, and why they will matter in the long run.  

1. Access to Shared Equipment

How easy is it for each of your workers to access shared equipment such as fax machines, copiers, and break room supplies? If you aren't careful, you could cut off access to some employees as you rearrange your space, which could create problems for them on a daily basis.  

Try to put shared equipment in common spaces that are easy for people to reach. Think carefully about where you have everything, and focus on protecting the traffic flow to that item. To test the placement of water coolers, projectors, or television sets, sit at each desk after you move it and practice getting to the shared piece of equipment.  

2. Desk Pairings

Employee friendships are important for your business, but if you plan poorly, they could also make it difficult for everyone else to concentrate. Think carefully about who you have next to who, and do what you can to foster a healthy, friendly, productive environment.  

Avoid putting loud, talkative employees next to other loud, talkative employees so the noise levels don't get out of control. Additionally, think about where clients or visitors would come if they visited your space, and whether or not they would be greeted well by the people located at the front of the office.  

3. Privacy

Sometimes in business, you have to take care of less pleasant things, such as reprimanding an employee, talking about layoffs, or dealing with budgets. When you do these things, you will want to do everything you can to avoid inciting a panic, so think about privacy. Make sure anyone who may handle difficult topics will be sitting in a private space so they don't have to worry about hurting someone's feelings or dealing with rumors.  

If you are still struggling to improve your office space, consider working with a professional office space designer to make sense of everything. Give the designer your list of must-haves, and let them take care of the details. You never know, by working with a professional and making the right decisions early on, you may be able to overhaul your office space and create a more dynamic, interesting environment for your employees.  


21 August 2019

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